Intimate Storytelling

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Capturing unique experiences

I’m a Denver Wedding Photographer that documents experiences so they can be shared with future generations. I’m preserving those beautiful memories by recording a slice of someone’s life during one of their happiest days. I’ll focus on the connections of love between a bride and her family and friends. I’m adding context to beautiful stories by creating visual aids so that one day a grandmother can share her wedding album with her granddaughter.

It’s my personal artistic license

I got into photography to be artistic as well as document my experiences. I fell in love with the documentary approach because it’s un-obtrusive and I enjoy that artistic challenge of documenting life and catching moments before they’re gone.

In fact, besides weddings, I enjoy shooting street photography as well as other community events. You can see more of that work here. My favorite type of events are weddings because it’s a day of celebration where everyone is happy and having a good time. I believe it’s important to document the present to show that our life matters.

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My approach is to connect with you to build your trust.

I want you to feel comfortable with me so I can get those intimate moments at your wedding. We’ll chat several times before your wedding so we can get to know each other and coordinate your vision with my photography. You can rest assured that you photographic needs will be taken care of!

Throughout your wedding I’ll look for emotional moments and then capture them discreetly. Therefore, my approach is mostly hands-off. I’ll only stop to pose you during your family portraits. My goal is to show how a wedding feels as opposed to how it looks.

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Your wedding is a big event. Therefore, if you want to read more about how I approach weddings, head over here.

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Mishka & Eric's Wedding



Always a Michigander

– I’ve been creating art since I was a kid. I started out by drawing comic book characters and athletes and later got into creating logos, and designs on the computer.

– I get a lot of my inspiration from music, movies, and other photographers.

– When I’m shooting I focus on light and shadows because it adds drama.

– I love documenting life so I wander the streets and attend festivals, looking to capture moments from people.

– I’ve lived in 3 states; born in Michigan thru college, 8 years in Vegas, now 3 years in Denver

– Head over to my ABOUT page for more personal info…