Documentary Wedding Photography in Colorado

Creating beautiful stories from fleeting moments

The moments that matter like tearful hugs, choreographed dances, and little kids that resist walking down the aisle are all precious but gone in an instant. I strive to capture all of them in my documentary wedding photography so you can re-live those moments over and over again. I’ll even capture those moments that you missed because I see everything, even when you’re not in the middle of it. I want to create a personalized story for you that’s authentic while not interfering with your day. That’s why you won’t see pretty photos of brides posing in fields of flowers in front of a mountain backdrop. It’s not who you are because it’s not real. I want to get those personal connections of love between you with your significant other or with your family and friends. It’s those personal connections that makes your day special, and different from everyone else’s wedding.

It’s why I do what I do.

I’ve learned from my own personal life that my favorite memories were all captured by photography. I can re-visit those special times by looking through my old photo albums or scrolling through my facebook photos. Yeah I know, I use my facebook as a modern day photo album, but at least I have those photos and I’m still a big advocate for printing your photos and displaying them. I got into photography because my camera is a tool to create art and a it’s a way to preserve memories. I believe weddings involve both of those things. First, it’s a day filled with real authentic moments of celebration and second, it’s a day that’s photographed from my point of view, my artistic vision.

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My goal is to show how a wedding feels as opposed to how it looks.

wedding guests feeling happiness during wedding ceremony

Your wedding is a big event. Therefore, if you want to read more about how I approach weddings, then head over HERE.


Rudy dancing with bride


– I’m a crazy dumb fool on the dance floor.

– I could eat Mexican food everyday and not because I’m hispanic.

– I love dogs but I don’t own one. If I cross paths with one, I’ll probably stop to pet it unless it wants to bite my hand off. At that point I will either walk or run away depending on the threat level.

– When I’m not shooting weddings, I love documenting life so you’ll often see me wandering the streets, looking for moments to capture.

– I’ve lived in 3 states including Michigan, Nevada, and Colorado.

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