Crafting your personal story

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Capturing the in between moments

There’s moments and then there’s moments between the moments. Some of the standard moments during a wedding include; the dress being put on, the walk down the aisle, and the kiss at the alter. I’ll get those photos but I’d much rather get the other types of photos that make your wedding unique. The ones like; a bride and mother embracing with elation, kids being silly, and a mother crying as she’s watching her daughter perform her vows. That means that I’ll focus on showing the love between the bride and groom as well as the bride’s friends and family. These are the moments that craft beautiful stories that are personal.

between the moments, Denver wedding photographer, bride and mother embrace during reception

My approach is to first connect with you to build your trust.

That way you’ll feel comfortable with me getting those intimate moments at your wedding. After all, I’m going to be with you for 8-10 hours straight, so It’s important that we like each other. My hope is that we’ll remain friends after the wedding too. We don’t have to know each other’s deepest secrets but I always like to stay in touch with my clients to see how they’re doing, especially if their family grows. We’ll chat several times before your wedding, either via video chat or in person if possible, just to make sure your wedding runs smoothly and there are no surprises later on.

Throughout your wedding I’ll look for emotional moments and then capture them discreetly. Therefore, my approach is mostly hands-off. I’ll only stop to pose you during your family portraits. My goal is to show how a wedding feels as opposed to how it looks.

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Your wedding is a big event. Therefore, there’s more information involving my approach to weddings. For more detailed info, I’ve written an article about it HERE.

between the moments, Denver wedding photographer, kids playing at reception between the moments, Denver wedding photographer, champagne opening during wedding reception


Rudy Ortega dancing with bride in black and white


– I’m an artist who views the world, one moment at a time.

– I’ve been creating art since I was a kid as I used to draw from comic books and paint my guitar hero’s with acrylic’s. I later got into designing logos and albums on the computer.

– Outside of weddings, you can usually find me out on the streets documenting life. I enjoy creating art by studying light and shadows, whether the subjects are people or architecture.

– Other times, you’ll see me acting like a fool on the dance floor at weddings. I’m from Michigan and have lived in Vegas, and now I live in Colorado for the beautiful mountain scenery.

– If you want to see what inspires me, head over to my ABOUT page for more info…