Intimate Storytelling

for laid back couples

Documentary Wedding Photography

I specialize in documentary wedding photography with intimate storytelling. This allows for couples to live in the moment without interruptions from their photographer. How’s that different from candid photography? Documentary photographers anticipate moments that tell a story as opposed to candid photographers that react to moments without any careful planning. As a result, my documentary style allows for clear stories to be told from beginning to end.

Uninterrupted Storytelling

Creating intimate stories

How do I create intimate stories? I start by meeting the bride and groom to get acquainted. Then, during the wedding I blend into the scenes like any other guest. I chat and hangout so everyone knows that I’m there. However, I never disrupt a wedding when important moments are happening. I take photos but I’m discreet. My end goal is to tell a beautiful story that feels personal and intimate.

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Nice to meet you


– I’ve been photographing weddings for 10 years.

– I grew up drawing and painting and I still love to create with my camera.

– I worked as a graphic designer before getting into photography.

– I’ve lived in 3 states including Colorado, Nevada, and Michigan.

– I’m a loyal sports fan from Michigan. (born and raised)

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