Intimate Storytelling

for laid back couples

Unposed and Unscripted

Planning for your wedding can be stressful and time-consuming. But that stress doesn’t have to carry over to your wedding. Spend that day having fun with your loved ones. Weddings are about two families coming together to celebrate so let the good times roll and be present in all of your moments. Your day will be documented and preserved for special memories without interruptions from your photographer. That means you won’t have to worry about posing as I’ll document all of the authentic moments to create your intimate story.

An intimate moment of a bride laughing with her friends during her wedding

Getting Personal

I want to capture the personal connections of love between yourself and your loved ones for intimate storytelling. Those special moments with your friends and family are worth preserving as they’ll smile every time they see the photos.


An intimate moment between the bride and her mother before the wedding

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“My goal is to show how a wedding feels, not how it looks.”

An intimate moment at a wedding that involves the guests holding hands during the ceremony

Weddings are big events so if you want to see how I approach them, click HERE.


Rudy dancing with bride


– I’m a crazy dumb fool on the dance floor.

– I could eat Mexican food everyday and not because I’m hispanic.

– I love dogs but I don’t own one. If I cross paths with one, I’ll probably stop to pet it unless it wants to bite my hand off. At that point I will either walk or run away depending on the threat level.

– When I’m not shooting weddings, I love documenting life so you’ll often see me wandering the streets, looking for moments to capture.

– I’ve lived in 3 states including Michigan, Nevada, and Colorado.

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