Victoria & Michaels’ wedding was in the middle of nowhere, in Florissant, Colorado. The road leading up to their cabin got a little interesting in my small car. It was a good thing there was good weather or those dirt roads would’ve been impossible to use. I met Victoria and the girls in an old rustic cabin. One of the girls had a dog that did not like me at first as she growled at me for awhile. I learned that she had a thing against guys. She eventually warmed up to me where I could pet her. I do proclaim myself as an animal lover, especially dogs. I guess she sensed that as well. They mostly got ready in the basement which was very dark, but thanks to modern cameras, I didn’t need to use my flash. I had to bounce back and forth between the two cabins to get some shots of the guys getting ready. They were back down the hill on a very steep road (Again, thank god the weather was good.) I immediately felt at home when I met them as they were watching “The best of Will Ferrell on SNL.” I remember laughing hysterically with my sister, watching him on SNL.

After getting some portraits of both wedding parties in front of the mountains, we were off to the ceremony site, which was nearby. This was a beautiful, intimate, wedding venue owned by a husband and wife. They were very sweet and made sure I got everything that I needed. There were two family members that stood on guard to make sure that nobody took a peak at the bride and groom. They reminded me of  bodyguards. Once the ceremony began, the bride kept her veil on for awhile, which made it difficult for me to capture her emotions. Once she finally did though, I was able to get some great shots of her smiling and laughing.

The reception space was inside another cabin and was very small and tight. They opened the sliding doors which added a lot of light, but made it difficult to shoot with the strong backlight. Anytime I’m under these conditions, I either blow out the background so you can’t see anything but white, or I’ll silhouette the people that are in front, for a dramatic look. Occasionally, I’ll use my flash to balance out the foreground and background, but I like to use natural light as much as possible. There was a funny moment after the couple cut the cake. Michael went to feed the bride, and the cake fell off his fork and into her dress. That was a first for me. It’s these kinds of moments that make my job fun. Enjoy the photos.

Venue: Tihsreed Lodge