This was an all inclusive wedding at The Mill located in Windsor Colorado. I met Kristin and David at the guest house. It sits right next door to the ceremony and reception area that’s located just above the Cacciatore Italian restaurant. Kristin was upstairs with her bridal party, sipping on mimosas when I arrived. Meanwhile, the guys were hanging outside just below the ladies. I caught Kristin sneaking a peak at them from time to time. I spent some time bouncing back and forth between the two parties. It was easy to do since the guest house is very small. I worked my way down to meet the guys and found David writing his vows to Kristin. As the guys were getting ready, I caught a fun spontaneous moment of David and his buddies getting “iced” by the best man. I didn’t know what it was but I learned that it’s when you get tricked into finding a bottle of Smirnoff Ice unexpectedly. You have to chug the whole bottle as you kneel down to the person that hid the bottle. I made my way back upstairs and caught another great moment of Kristin. She was holding a t-shirt that featured her face as a kid. It was a fun and embarrassing moment for her as I captured the entire exchange.

Kristin & David planned a first look so I found a spot outside the guest house lawn and got David into position. I normally don’t advise on doing first looks because the moment is fabricated which usually results with lackluster emotions. However, they shared a real connection with beautiful raw emotions as they saw each other dressed up for the first time. The cherry on top was witnessing the bridesmaids and Kristin’s mom watching the whole encounter as they peaked out the windows from inside.

We finished up the family portraits and made our way up the stairs of the Mill for the ceremony. The venue was beautiful and easy to photograph with tons of giant windows lining the procession walls. The ceremony was short and sweet which allowed for plenty of down time before the reception began. I hung out with the bridal party as they waited outside the guest house the reception room to be ready. There was a champagne toast and lots of mingling.

The bridal party arrived to their reception followed by dinner and speeches. Kristin and David had a beautiful first dance which followed into some open dancing. The night concluded for me after a few hours of getting some dance photos.

Planner – Nicole with Perfect Touch

Venue – The Mill at Windsor