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Intimate Wedding @ BMoCA / Vanessa & Jon – Rudy Ortega Photography

Vanessa & Jon had an intimate wedding @ BMoCA (Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art). After the ceremony, we had the whole museum to ourselves. I had fun creating some intimate portraits of Vanessa & Jon. We did some silly ones and also a couple of romantic portraits. I don’t normally shoot portraits at weddings but it was fun to flex my creative muscles. I wrapped up my evening with them at a local restaurant nearby.

Venue: Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Coordinator: Jillian Jensen

An intimate moment of a groom getting ready for his wedding. The groom's father and mother toast their glasses before a wedding. A silly self portrait of the bride's brother and friend before a wedding. The groom anxiously awaits to see his bride at a wedding. An intimate wedding ceremony of the bride and groom listening to the officiant. An intimate hug between the bride and her father after the wedding ceremony.A fun, intimate moment between the bride and groom after their wedding ceremony. An intimate kiss shortly after the wedding ceremonyA silly portrait of the bride and groomAn intimate portrait of the bride and groom after their wedding.A fun, intimate portrait of the bride and groom at the BMoCA.A celebratory toast following the intimate wedding ceremony Intimate portrait of the bride and groom during dinner after the wedding