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Celebrate your unique love for each other

Cherish your photos forever

I love photographing weddings because they each offer unique moments. Every family has their own story to tell. I’m always honored when I’m allowed an inside look at their lives through an intimate event like a wedding. I feel fulfilled when I hear of the brides and family members that get emotional when they see my images, because it means that I touched their hearts. I’m much more than a documentarian. I’m an artist that creates beautiful stories and secures precious memories.

My approach is to connect with couples to build trust so that I can capture their intimate moments through the chaos of a wedding day. Through that chaos, I create images by being discreet and un-obtrusive. In other words, I allow moments to happen without interrupting the flow of the day.  I’ll never stop to pose you, other than getting some family group shots. (There will be a designated time that’s set aside for this.) My 10 years of shooting experience have taught me how to anticipate those big moments while adjusting for lighting and framing.

I want to celebrate your special love that you have for one another with photos that tell your unique story. Why would you want a photo that’s been done a million times, like a forced smile in front of an empty field or mountain backdrop? There’s too many photos out there of couples kissing in front of the Rockies. That’s why you’re here though. I’ll create images that show your bond for each other, which can’t be duplicated.

    Not only do I want to show your love for each other, but also the love you share for your family and close friends. They’re always there for you when it matters. Therefore, I want to give them something back with images that celebrate the love between everyone. I’ll follow you throughout your wedding day and document authentic moments of love through laughter, hugs and tears. My images are meant to be shared so I won’t put restrictions on who you share them with either. They’re your photos and you own them. After all, these are the photos worth saving, not something fabricated that’s set up to look pretty.