Here is my curated list of my favorite wedding venues in the Denver, Colorado area. Denver is my favorite place for cozy, hip bars, eateries, concert venues, and wandering through alleys enjoying graffiti artworks.

Denver is a medium sized city that sits along the Platte river. It’s a few hours east of the Rockies. It’s a very walkable city that gives you a break from all the ski resorts and commuters in the mountains.

Wedding Venues in Denver, Colorado

Bride and Groom at Villa Parker

Villa Parker – It’s located in Parker, just south of Denver. This place features a bridal suite with a spa. It’s the the biggest bridal space that I’ve seen. They have a beautiful garden terrace that’s perfect for family photos or portraits of the bride and groom. It’s also a great spot for outdoor ceremonies if the weather is cooperating. When it does rain, there’s a spacious indoor area that offers plenty of window light and villa style entry ways. This room doubles as a reception space that can fit 200 guests.

Blog Post: Villa Parker

Denver Wedding Venue, Lionsgate

Lionsgate Event Center – It’s located just north of Denver. I’ve photographed a lot of weddings at this place. It was designed specifically for weddings. If you’re looking for vintage style, this place has it.

Website: Lions Gate

Denver Wedding Venue, Hudson Gardens

Hudson Gardens – This venue is located on the south side of Denver, Colorado. I like this venue because it has a ton of outdoor space, 30 acres worth. There’s a lake with a bridge over it, which is a good sport for bridal portraits. I really like the fountain area. I did a first look there with the bride and groom, and it turned out great. This place gets busy during the summer and fall, so book early!

The Inn holds 250 guests and it looks like a lodge. It’s a big space that feels cozy and holds 225 guests.

The Garden Canopy features a beautiful garden filled with annual flowers. I did a wedding there in the spring, so there were lots of roses. Theres a giant canopy area for receptions that holds big parties, up to 225 guests. I have some of my best reception photos here. The white canopy is perfect for bouncing off – camera lights.

Website: Hudson Gardens

Denver Wedding Venue, Overland Crossing

Overland Crossing – This is located in the arts district in Denver, Colorado. On one side is the space for ceremonies and the other side has receptions. I would describe this venue as industrial and modern as it features shiny medal garage doors everywhere with romantic bistro lighting. It holds 25o guests.

Website: Overland Crossing

Other favorite venues where I’ve photographed:

Curtis Hotel

Wellshire Event Center

Knights of Columbus

Denver Athletic Club

Wash Park Studio

Space Gallery