I shoot weddings because I love photographing happy moments. They make me feel warm and fuzzy which fuels me to capture the next happy moment. There’s no other type of work that consistently gives me that joy and lifts me up like witnessing people expressing their love for each other. It’s exciting and even therapeutic.

I’m curious about human behavior and interaction. That curiosity has led me into documenting people with my camera. I love photographing candid moments because as quickly as they arrive, they’re gone in a blink of an eye. They’re difficult to catch yet rewarding when they’re caught.

Besides being curious, I love documentary photography because I hate it when I’m asked to pose or smile for a picture. I know that feeling of forcing myself to smile and I don’t like it. I’d rather be authentic and photographed the way that I am. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. That’s how I want to be photographed. I don’t ask people to “act” a certain way for their photograph. I capture authenticity within fleeting moments. Sure, I try to make those moments look artistic by sometimes adding additional lights or shooting at unique angles but I never manufacture them.

I’m an honest guy with integrity and that’s the way that I like to photograph people.