I'm an artist who loves to create stories.

I'm a photographer who loves to capture moments that tell a story. It's always my goal to capture the true authenticity of a person. I believe the best way for that is to take candid photos of people being themselves. I'm discreet, but always ready to capture the moment so it doesn't vanish without a trace.

I get a lot of my inspiration from movies. I've always loved a good story that I can connect with, and I really enjoy how the camera can pull a viewer into the story through various tricks. My other inspiration comes from famous street photographers like Alex Webb, Eugene Smith, and Gary Winogrand. They capture life on the streets and show the true, raw, beauty in this world.

I do enjoy other activities besides photography. Some of those activities include hiking, watching and playing sports, as well as playing guitar.

I just told you a little bit about me, my passion, and where I get my inspiration. If you'd like to start a conversation, click the button below. Have a great day!