Always a Michigander

Ever since I was little, I either held a pencil, paintbrush, or camera to create. Yup, I was the artsy kid in school who just wanted to escape reality. Now, I realize that reality is not so bad and that I can even find inspiration in everyday situations. I love people watching. That fascination started in Vegas where the streets are always filled with interesting people. Now, I walk around Denver looking for interesting subjects and scenes to photograph. I’m drawn in by all of the beautiful light we have out here in Colorado.

I’m inspired by famous street photographers like Alex Webb, Eugene Smith, and Gary Winogrand. They capture life on the streets that show the true, raw, beauty in this world. I try to carry over that inspiration to my wedding photography as well.

When I’m not shooting, I’m hiking, watching sports, or playing guitar. I’ll also hang out with friends from time to time at a local brewery. (We have a lot of them out here.)

I just told you a little bit about me and where I get my inspiration. If you’d like to start a conversation then contact me below. Have a great day!